Léa Bigot
Léa Bigot

Due to the length of my process and because I want to dedicate a specific time entirely to sculpting, new sculptures are presented at the end of a set. When the next set is complete, I'll send a private link to the list of potentially interested persons. To be part of this list please send me your e-mail:



Léa Bigot

I was born in Reunion Island, in the Indian ocean. From there, I kept with me the incredible feeling of being a tiny drop in a big and strong natural world. I grew very much worshiping nature as something that gives energy to things, to me. For now my work is linked to this sentiment. Like a materialisation of how I picture this energy: strong and free.

Léa Bigot

I invite you to follow me on instagram to know more about my process and my influences, my questionning, failures and successes, and also to be aware of potential upcoming exhibitions.